Why Is Europe 100% Better Than Africa



In the real sense Africa is one of the largest continents in the whole world but till date, it seems like no one is living in Africa Below are the simple reasons European s are cooperative When I say Europe I mean countries like German, France, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, and Denmark. You will see that those countries are abided by one political rule which is no corruption, they do things openly and the people have the right to protests if they are not satisfied with any new Government, it’s not that Europe is 100% corruption free but they manage their economy very well and think about the people living in the country. But in Africa countries like Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa etc Are filled with corruption. Among all African countries Nigeria is the worst and the most corrupt country, the Government does not care about the people living in the country, the leaders embezzle all the income and leave their people dry.


And like that? it has resulted in corruption, killings, cultism, kidnapping, stealing,  and hunger. etc.

And that’s why majority flee from their countries to Europe for survival.

Africa is a rich continent blessed with natural resources which the Europeans don’t even have, but still poorest and most corrupt continent in the world. Reasons are because in Africa they prefer to choose an old man to be a president or a leader.

below are some pictures of people in Europe and how they live

people people g

Even if the people are not so reach, they are happy and satisfied with the system and security of the country, but in Africa? a country like Nigeria is still battling with technology example Lights, Trains etc

below are the pictures of African people suffering while the Government refuses to support them

Nigeria is supposed to be the best and the richest country in Africa

the question is where is all the billion dollars going to?

poor (1)

let’s not overemphasize on this issue, the truth is that, “Enough is Enough ”

In Africa, they don’t believe in youths they believe that the older people which are in ages between 60 to 87 are more intelligent than the young men. Of which they don’t know that the young men can change the situation of the country.

In Europe, for example, a country like France is been governed by a young man in his 30s. I think we all Africans have to come together drop the old men in power and make young men our leaders.

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Article by Ezehi Cosmas

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