TRUE LIFE STORY that will make you cry for some minute.



TRUE LIFE STORY that will make you cry for some minute.
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The lady Above who gave birth to triplet after she manage to type Amen in public INTERNET.
On that faithful day, i saw a prayer post which i try to type Amen immediately my phone went off, I rush to take my husband phone so that I could type Amen, the same thing happen.
From there i notice that something is not right, I said to my husband, i must type Amen in that prayer post.
To God be the glory are rush to public INTERNET login in my facebook account and type Amen, A few days later, doctor confirmed that I was pregnant.
The same doctor who told me that I can never give birth, but today i have double double double blessings, I ask for one God gave me 3…. In-fact I am shocked.
Now let pray!
To the hand that will manage to type Amen and Share to this prayer , God will shock you with a miracle, your blessing that was hanged years ago will be release to you in the name of Jesus.
Your miracle shall not be delay, your blessings shall not be delay, May double double double miracles and blessings be your portion in the name of Jesus.

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