Cardi B Declares War On Nicki Minaj With A New Ruthless Diss Track!


Cardi B has been on a whirlwind of success! Chances are you have heard Bodak Yellow in the club since it’s reigning supreme on the charts. The #1 hit has sent Cardi B’s fame soaring in a short amount of time leaving some other veteran artists a little bit annoyed.



While we do understand where Nicki is coming from, we do have to say that the best way to survive in the music industry or in life for that matter is to embrace change and where the cards fall. It just so happens that Cardi B has risen in popularity and that is just how it is. The quicker you accept it, the more you can move forward and be motivated and inspired by others’ success.



Although Cardi B has steered away from saying she has beef with Nicki, a lot of fans are saying she is outright dissing the 10 year Queen of Hip-hop with her one of her latest tracks.

nick 2

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