A heartbreaking story. A girl got pregnant by her boyfriend but denied




A heartbreaking story. A girl got pregnant by
her boyfriend, but
the boyfriend denied her of
being responsible for the pregnancy.
The mother of the girl took her to a local clinic
for abortion.
So On the process of the abortion, the doctor
noticed that she was
carrying twins in her womb and it won’t be
easy for him to abort the

But he continued, so on the process of the
abortion, the lights went off,
and darkness was covered everywhere, so
the man who was
operating her, used his phone torch to
continue the operation, the man
was not seeing clearly but he continued the
At a point, he noticed that he had cut one of
the intestine of this young
girl, and out of fear, he pushed in all the other
intestine and discharge
When the girl and her mother got home, the
girl went to the toilet to
urinate, her stomach opened and all her
intestine came out.
At this time, the mother did not have money
to take her to hospital.
But thank god for the father who later took
her to hospital.
After some days of the operation. She became
ill and the course of the
illness was because her intestine was cut off
by the first doctor whom
operation on her.
The girl became very ill as someone who had
After some weeks, she died as a result of
committing abortion.
This was just a 30mins enjoyment with her
boyfriend all in the name of
love and sex.
A 30mins enjoyment can destroy your life
within a seconds.
The thing that pained me most in the story of
this young girl was that,
the boyfriend denied her and she aborted an
innocent babies and at
the end of it all, she lost her life.
I don’t know the sin you have been
committing, but I pray today, if
only you will confess your sins and ask God
for mercy, the lord will
forgive you.
Prayer: o lord we confess our sins Today and
we pray you have mercy
on us, never allow us to fall into temptation
that will take our life in
jesus name. Amen.
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